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Riccardo Govoni

img_0039.jpg When not working at the BayesFor project, rumours are that they pay me to work as Software Engineer in Google.

When not working at the BayesFor project, and I'm not writing software at Google, I try to keep my sleeping hours busy with other projects, generally related to Java, Ruby or other languages mostly unknown to the rest of the word.

When I'm not writing software, I write software-related articles for various news portals, including the ones listed here.

When power outages occur, the UPS fails, the mobile phone goes dead, the PDA too and I'm not keen to reprogramming the iPod firmware to run Eclipse on it, I can always resort to my dog to have some fun.

All the above, obviously, only if and when my beloved girlfriend doesn't require my full attention and availability. :-D

img_0046.jpg If you really want more details, further info about me can be found at my personal website and in the linkedin profile

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