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The BayesFor team.

Alessandro Bonazzi

Born in 1979, I'm a post-doc researcher in Geophysics at the University of Bologna. My research interests concern data assimilation and statistical modelling.

I joined the Bayes-Swarm project to study applications of statistical modelling to problems that are new to my experience and to benifit from the collaboration with the Bayes-Swarm group. Dettagli: alessandro bonazzi Mail: alessandro [dot] bonazzi [at] bayesfor [dot] eu


Giulio Isacco Lampronti

I was born in Florence in 1979, graduated in Geological Sciences and I completed my PhD in Mineralogy working both in Florence and London. I am currently working at University of Padova. My interests are science and music (and politics and foreign languages if I only had time). I joined the bayes-swarm project because I believe you can learn much more from people with a different background and because I'm tired of Geology.
Dettagli: giulio lampronti Mail: giulio [dot] lampronti [at] bayesfor [dot] eu

Matteo Zandi

Twenty-something (born '79), graduated in statistics, currently working in the retail investments sector, my interests vary from open source software to financial mathematics. I joined bayes-for as statistician in order to take part on modelling the wide range of subjects the group is focused on.

Feel free to contact me via email or to linkedin me.
Dettagli: matteo zandi Mail: matteo [dot] zandi [at] bayesfor [dot] eu

Paolo Brunori

Born in Florence in 1979, graduated in political science and I completed my PhD in Economics. My interest is data analysis in social sciences. I joined the bayes-swarm project as a part of a larger project (, the attempt is to look at empirical problems from different point of views, sharing knowedge with people coming from a very different background.
Dettagli: paolo brunori Mail: paolo [dot] brunori [at] bayesfor [dot] eu

Riccardo Govoni

Born in 1979, with a university background in physics and a general interest in scientific matters, I am a technology-addict with an outstanding passion for computer science and programming. Currently working as software engineer in Google, my focus is about datamining, textual analysis and information retrieval.

I joined the bayes-swarm project as technology expert to help in writing code and extraction algorithms.

Learn more about me at my public profile or contact me at this mail address: battlehorse at gmail dot com.
Dettagli: riccardo govoni Mail: riccardo [dot] govoni [at] bayesfor [dot] eu

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